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Bread Making

My First Few Attempts:

It was disastrous and disappointing.   I followed the book to the T, but the dough was hard,  it didn't rise as much as it should,  in fact,  it rose very little,  the bread was hard as a rock.  

I had to through away most of the 1st few attempts...at least my dog got some treats out of this.

After a few more tries, I finally made my first bread that is edible, Shaped Dinner Rolls.  After I see some success,  I continue,  with determination,  and perseverance.  I went on to try other breads - White breads - Hokkaido Soft Milky Bread,  Sugarless Loaf;   Sweet Breads - Pain Au Raisins & Apricot; French Bread:  Pain de Campagne; Mediterranean Bread - Olive Bread etc.

In this site,  I'm trying to share not only my success,  but my failures as well.  This is so that those who are trying to bake breads,  can learn from my mistakes as well, and perhaps pick up some tips along the way.

This site is an ongoing project,  and I hope I will  have much more success than failures.  I also hope that anyone who is interested in baking,  or trying to bake,  drop me a line and we can share recipe or experience.