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posted Apr 5, 2010, 1:16 AM by Jenny Loh
I've been looking for a simple baguette recipe and somehow,  I had to create one.  Recently,  I bought an iron plate,  meant for Korean BBQ.  This is a good replacement for baking tiles.


200g All Purpose Flour
50g Bread Flour
4g Instant yeast
2g salt    

Mix the dough well, knead it till smooth.

Leave to rise - I left it to rise for 5 hours.

Stretch and fold once.  Leave to rise for a 2nd hour.

Shape and put into a banneton,  and I left it to rise in the fridge for 8 hours.

The dough rose nicely in the fridge.  Took out from the fridge and left it on the counter top for 1/2 hour.

Heat the oven at 250 degree celsius,  takes about 20 minutes.  At 10 minutes,  I put in some water to steam the oven.

I flipped the dough out and put the dough on a baking paper and score the bread while the oven is heating up.

I put the dough and bake at 250 degree celsius for 10 minutes,  and turn down the temperature to 230 degree celsius for 30 minutes.  15 minutes later,  I spray water into the oven,  and spray once more at the last 10 minutes.

The baguette came out singing.  The inside was soft,  a little tasteless,  more salt will be better, perhaps I should leave it over night longer to get the taste.  The scoring was done well, and I got the crust done well too.  I just need to work on the taste now.