Baguette with a Starter

Another Try at Baguette
13 March 2010

Using the leftover from the Baguette - 5 minutes a day for Fresh Baked Bread,  which was already 4 days old.  I tried making baguette again.

Old Dough - 120g  
Water - 60 g
Bread Flour -150

Mixed them all and I put into the fridge over night a total of 11 hours.  In the morning, I took it out and leave it to rise till night time, 13 hours.  Therefore,  the dough had been given about 23 hours of rising time.  It had more than doubled when I return.  There were big bubbles formed on the surface.  I see it was sinking after I took away the cling wrap.

I gently,  very very gently shaped into a baguette.  This was easier to handle than the wet dough that I made with the 5 minutes a day fresh baked bread.  Put it into my floured home made couche,  and let it rise for 2 hours as my kitchen was cold.  It's still winter here.

I was happy with my scoring this time,  as I believe I didn't overproof it.  I used my steak knife this time, and wash it with water,  to make an easy scoring.  I was happy with the results of my scoring.

I got my oven heated at 250 degree celsius, for 20 minutes.  8 minutes before it is ready,  pour hot water onto the pan that I had on the bottom of the floor of oven.  I put a parchment paper on the rack while heating up.  I find that my bread turns golden brown on the bottom pretty well when I do that.

Then,  lower it to 230 degree celsius.  Put in my dough gently. Bake for 45 minutes.  Every 10 minutes interval,  I decided to spray water into the oven to get the steam and get a better crust. I did this for 3 times.

My bread came out singing away,  the crackling sound was quite visible, for a good 5 minutes or so.  I could wait to cut it.  It was pretty late already, but I stayed up,  hey,  it's Friday.

There were open holes, and the bread turns out whiter than usual,  soft on the inside,  crusty on the outside.  However, it tasted a little bland,  I realised I didn't put salt. But,  it's like those baguette that you get from those normal bakery. 

I heated up this morning,  and it tasted good,  there's some sweetness from the old dough,  the crumb looks gelatinized.  We had it plain,  with some swiss cheese.

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