Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich

13 March 2010

Our lunch for the day...Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich.  

With the Ciabatta that I baked this morning, I was quite happy to make a sandwich out of it.   My son was quite happy with it except that he didn't like all the lettuce.  Took them all out from the least he ate the tomatoes and cucumber.  This sumptuous wholesome meal lasted us through dinner,  my son didn't even complain that he was hungry after his football.  

The ingredients are simple:

Roast Chicken - 1/2 piece 

To roast the chicken,  marinate with a little dash of salt,  dash of paprika,  and throw some dried rosemary. The aroma of rosemary is really good.  Put into the oven for 180 degree celsius,  bake for 45 minutes.