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Festive Baking and Cooking

posted Feb 7, 2011, 5:25 PM by Jenny Loh   [ updated Feb 7, 2011, 7:59 PM ]
October 2010 to February 2011

I’ve been busy cooking and baking for the past 4 months.  Unfortunately, my MacBook crashed and I just couldn’t update my sites at all.  After replacing my hard disk,  I’m happy to say, I’m back with my updates.

With the festivities,  I was busy doing a lot of different baking and cooking for Christmas,  Chinese New Year, Birthdays.  

I simply love Year End and Beginning of the Year,  because I have a lot of excuse to try a lot of different dishes,  baking,  and celebrations!

For Year End,  we have 3 birthdays to celebrate,  mine,  my son and my husband,  from September till November.  Then,  followed by Christmas,  which we missed the the big celebrations that we usually have when we were back in Singapore,  cooking for about 10 close friends,  which I usually get to do different cuisines,  but with only the 3 of us,  we do simply turkey, which I roast in the small little oven that we have.  

Then comes New Year,  which we usually have a dinner out,  talking about what we have achieved for the year,  what's our New Year Resolution.  

Then comes Chinese New Year!  This is one festivity that we will not shy away from the more expensive dishes such as abalone,  Japanese Dried Mushroom, Fish Maw,  Sea Cucumber,  Promfet,  and those pineapple tarts and Kueh Bangkit (Coconut Tapioca Flour Cookie).  

It is very common to put on weight during these festive seasons,  and thank goodness for the winter in Shanghai, the metabolism rate seems to acting faster. So,  enjoy the food galore that I've put together here.