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Garlic Bread

14 March 2010

It's Saturday night,  and wanted to make some buns for the week.  Something simple,  something that we'll finish up in the next few days.  Flipping through my Magic Bread by Alex Goh, Garlic Bread was what I selected.  


Gelatinized Dough/Water Roux Starter:
60g Bread Flour
45g Boiling water

Old Dough - I used my left over from the Baguette with a Starter - 100g. 
In the book,  it states 75g overnight sponge dough from 100g bread flour 60g water, 1/4 tsp instant yeast

210g Bread Flour
30g Rye Flour
6g sugar
6g salt
4g instant yeast
135g water
15g butter - melted 

Garlic Butter
10 cloves  chopped garlic
Some parsley (dried)
4 Tsp olive oil (100g soft butter as per the book,  but I decided to use olive oil instead)
My Account

Saturday Night:  
9.30pm:  Add Boiling water onto the 60g Bread Flour

Sunday Morning:
9.00am:  Add the dough ingredients except butter.  Mixed well.  Add in old dough and knead well.  Add in the Gelatinized dough and knead well.  Finally add in butter and knead it very well.  

10.00am:  My dough is ready for 1st rise.

As I was using my oven to heat up something in the morning,  it was still warm.  I put the dough to rise.

11.00am:  Dough was ready - rose doubled.  I took it out gently,  cut and measure each dough.  The book says 85g each,  but I can't measure up,  end up each dough is about 78g-80g each.  I shaped each of them into ball shape by pulling the ends up and roll it up gently.  Cover with a cloth for 10mins of bench rest.

11.10am:  It was easy to handle the dough now.  I took each one and start shaping into oblong shape, it's like shaping a baguette.  Flatten the round dough gently,  and take dough and fold 2/3 way and fold the other side in.  Roll it to get it sealed and it will also lengthen.  Line them apart on the parchment paper on the baking pan.  Let rise.  I cover with a wet cloth this time and put into the oven, that's not heat, still warm.  

In the meantime,  I chopped the garlic,  put a dash of parsley, and added olive oil. Whip and egg for the egg wash.

12.00pm:  We need to go out for lunch.  I took the dough out from the oven,  it looks like it had risen well to 1 1/2 times.  I covered with oiled cling wrap and put into the fridge.  I have to bake after my lunch I guess.

15.00pm:  We are back from lunch,  had some Malaysian/Singapore food on the other side of town.  Newly found eating haunt called "Amazing Grace"  - it was very good.  I had Penang Laksa.  Well,  back to my baking.  I took the dough out,  seem to have risen a little more.  doubled now from original size.  I egg wash the dough,  score the bread in the centre.  Tried to make it a little deeper in the center.  Spoon the garlic butter into the slashes.  In the meantime while I was doing this.  I heat up the oven at 220 degree celsius - takes about 15 minutes to heat up.

Put the dough to bake at 220 degree celsius for 18 mins.  At 12 minutes,  I open up and saw that 2 of the buns and most of the garlic were a little burnt.  I took out the rack and place it at the bottom of the oven.  Should have done this right at the beginning.  Anyway,  the dough rose nicely,  and I baked for another 6 minutes.  I added another 2 minutes because it didn't look that brown.  

16.00pm:  My Garlic Bread was ready, time to shoot more pictures to build my portfolio.  The bread was soft,  the garlic was a little too burnt,  but generally,  it's probably a great snack or breakfast bun for takeaways.  The bread turns out on the fatter side than the picture in the book,  perhaps next time I could lengthen the dough a little more,  like a hotdog bun.

This bake is quite satisfying as the dough was very co-operative.  Moreover,  I adapted and changed the ingredient a little,  it seems like it didn't affect the dough.  I should have remembered that garlic tends to get burnt easily. But generally,  this garlic bread is what I imagine it to be, soft and a little garlicky smell, if there's such a word.    

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