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Olive Levain

posted May 12, 2012, 1:47 AM by Jenny Loh   [ updated May 12, 2012, 1:49 AM ]
This recipe is from Jeffrey Hamelman with slight modification to the amount of sourdough and the use of Rye instead of whole wheat.  
Its been a long while since I've inputted this site.  My Macbook was getting old and the uploading of pictures are so slow,  I just give up totally.  Here I am, back with my new Macbook Air.  This little piece of equipment is so light,  and fast,  quite incredible.

I have been baking,  but the last few times hasn't been really good,  even my normal recipes seems to be dense.  I was suspecting its my new oven not working well,  well,  today,  the oven proofs that it is working fine.  I think I was playing around with the temperature a little and just not enough heating up,  such that it caused my other breads to turn out not so well. Lesson learnt,  stick with what works!

So,  with my Rye starter on hand,  just made some Deli Rye bread,  its been quite active.  I decided to try my hand on this Olive Levain.  Why?  My son loves olive,  and I wanted to use the levain,  and there are some olives left in the fridge.

The night before,  I build up the liquid levain.  Looking at my starter,  I had a little too much left.  Decided to up the amount from 34g to 100g.  Well,  in 4-5 hours,  my levain was bubbly,  I decided to put it overnight.  

In the morning,  I mixed all the final dough ingredients together with the liquid levain. I didn't have whole wheat,  and instead I used rye.  I prefer the taste of rye actually.  And for the olives,  I didn't bother to measure it because I have only a half bottle left,  took them all out and drain it and cut into half.   Putting into my mixer,  set at speed 1,  mixed the dough and let it come together for about 5 minutes.  Then followed by moving to Speed 4,  mixed it up more and check the gluten development.  As this has more liquid than original recipe,  I had to let it mix longer, about 7 minutes.  Then threw in the olives that are cut into half, mixing at speed 1.  I've developed it pretty well to ensure that  the bread will rise nicely.  I used the window pane check.

Putting into my container to let it rise,  I did a 1 stretch and fold after 1 hour. The levain was building the bread nicely.   Then I left to buy food for lunch,  by the time I got back 1.5 hours later ,  my cover of the container popped up! I quickly get into action by taking it out,  did a quick fold,  and cut into half and leave it to rest for about 20 mins.

Shaping it into oval shape for both,  and left it to rise.  I decided not to retard as recommended by Hamelman as I wanted to bake it in time for lunch and to give it to my little Italian friend's mom.  Heating up the oven at 250 degree celsius,  for 1.5 hours.  The dough rose very nicely.  

Steaming the oven with my hot lava stones,  I loaded the bread and sprayed water onto the bread.  First 10 mins was baked at 250 degree celsius,  and  adjusted the temperature to 230 degree celsius.  10 mins left and I turn the bread the other way to let it bake evenly.  The whole baking time is 45 mins.  The bread rose really nicely.  

Taking them out,  there is that lovely crackling sound!

This bread surprisingly turns out very light and fluffily.  I cut it after 1 hour,  and it tasted absolutely fabulous!  Love this !

Liquid Levain Build

100g Liquid Sourdough (100%/100%/100% - -Rye)
164g Bread flour
204 Water

Mix and leave overnight for 12 hours

Final Dough
648g Bread Flour
90g Rye Flour
368g Water
14g Salt
Olives (about 20)
all the liquid levain