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Pain Aux Noix

French Walnut Bread...

I started by first going to the market to purchase my walnuts. This is the season for walnuts and they were just so beautiful, crunchy and fresh.

I started at 3pm on mixing the dough.  I realised the brown colour in the pix show in the book comes partly from the butter.  I'm suppose to boil the butter till it's brown.  Anyway,  I mixed the milk into my hot boiling butter so that I can get the right temperature on the liquid.  

While mixing the dough,  hmmph....the dough is too dry,  I added more milk.  After mixing more milk,  the dough seems ok,  still not as wet as other dough that I've handled before.  Let's try.

So,  after 1 1/2 hours,  the dough seems to have doubled.  When I try to stretch it,  oh,  it broke.  Doesn't feel right.  Well,  proceed, roll out the dough,  and I needed to add in the walnut.  Press them in,  and fold. 

I decided to set it for 1 hour before I start shaping although the book says 1/2 hour.  After I took it out,  cut 2/3 for round shape,  and 1/3 for other shapes.  The walnuts keep dropping out.  Add them in,  and roll.  Finally,  I got them into shape after a long while.

The proofing didn't go well at all for this.  The dough just relax a little and started to harden.  I must have kneaded too hard and it was a too dry.  

Verdict:  If this had been done properly,  it's probably a very nice flavoured bread.  I must remember to follow the instructions and be gentle about handling my dough.