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Pain à l’Ancienne Focaccia & Grilled Pork Chop with Orange Sauce

posted Jun 5, 2010, 7:02 AM by Jenny Loh
Tonight was just a night where I wanted to try something new.  I've been looking at recipes from my summer collection and mediterranean books,  and it seems appealing to do something with fruits,  something acidic. I decided to do a pork,  and I had oranges in the fridge,  time to use for the pork.

I've always wanted to try making focaccia as well.  Well, I settled for Peter Reinhart's Artisan Bread Everyday where he has a relatively simple recipe although time consuming recipe.  I set about getting my focaccia ready first.  I started preparing this at 3pm and it was just in time for dinner at 6.30pm.

Bread: Pain à l’Ancienne Focaccia

Ingredients for Focaccia:
283g Bread Flour
5.5g Salt
2g Instant Yeast
226g Water
7g Olive Oil

Topping - mix well and put in the fridge.
Olive oil
Dried rosemary
Dried Parsley
Dried Thyme
Dried Oregano
Chilli Powder
Black Pepper

Mix all the ingredients together except for olive oil.  Let sit for 5 minutes before adding the olive oil.  Mix well and leave it for 10min.  I left it in the bowl.  After 10 minutes,  I took out the dough and did a stretch and fold.  As the dough was very wet,  I put aside a dish of water to wet my hands.  This was repeated 4 times.  Every time,  I covered the dough with my bowl.  By the 2nd fold, the dough was much easier to handle.  

Transfer the dough to a round pan. Dimple the dough.  I did this for every 10 minutes for 3 times.  As time was early.  I set aside in my fridge.  When I had the oven pre-heated at 250 degree celsius, and put the toppings on the dough,  I pop it in to bake for 20 minutes.

Entrée:  Baked Tomato with Mozzarella Cheese.

Sliced the tomato,  don't slice it too thin.  sprinkle with a little pepper,  and drop mozzarella cheese.  Bake it at 200 degree celsius for 10 minutes.

Main Dish:  Pork Chop with Orange Sauce

Prepare the Pork Chop - put salt and worcester sauce,  squeeze half an orange. Mix well and put in the fridge.  When ready,  heat the grill pan,  put butter on the grill.  Grill the pork chop well.  After the pork chop is done,  add in the rest of the other half orange juice in the pan,  and let it boil,  add  water, a little sugar, corn flour and lemon juice and grated orange. Let boil and set aside.  

#1 - Pan Fried Red and Green Peppers 
Cut the red and green peppers into cubes.  Heat pan with olive oil. Add chopped garlic and shallots,  fry till brown,  and add red and green peppers. 

#2 - Oven Baked Capsicum
Prepare the tomato - cut into cubes.  Heat pan with olive oil,  add in tomato,  and some olive.   Let it boil and add salt,  and bread crumbs.  Let is simmer for awhile. Cut capsicum into half and remove the seeds.  Add the filling into the capsicum. Add parsley and pepper on the top. Bake for half hour at 200 degree celsius, until the capsicum is soft.

#3 - Salad with Tzarziki
Prepare the Tzarziki - cut the cucumber into small pieces,  add greek yoghurt to the cucumber,  add in some garlic, and salt.

Lovely simple dinner,  just enough for everyone.  Focaccia was very tasty and half of it was gone during dinner.  The plate was completely cleaned up.