Beef Burger with Rye Whole Wheat Bread

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon,  I was asking my son,  what he would like for lunch,  nonya food, chicken rice (I have a chicken in the fridge that I bought yesterday), or beef burger (I had ground beef,  and I needed to eat up the rye whole wheat bread I made).  I had some ground beef in the fridge.  He of course chose beef burger.

Ingredients for Beef Patties:

Ground Beef
Chopped shallot & onions
Black Pepper
Ground White Pepper
Worcester sauce
Corn flour
Egg White

I 'm not able to tell you exactly how much of each,  as it was just an estimation of a dash of this and that.  With all the ingredients, give a good mix.  After mixing well,  pat them into 4 round patties,  and coat it a little with flour.

I did a quick fry of the patties, probably about 50% cooked internally,  but brown on the outside, and wrapped in  aluminum foil,  threw it into my oven for grill about 20mins.  Somehow, the juice from the beef was retained while being grilled.

I also grilled the round 

With the round Rye Whole Wheat bread that I made, I cut up 2 of the round ones that I made,  and pop them into the oven to grill for 5 minutes.  

To serve,  open face bread, beef patty on one of the bread, lettuce, slices of tomatoes and swiss cheese.